This site has the goal of presenting scenarios and how-tos about the platform "SciCafe2.0 Tool" developed within the EU FP7 project SciCafe 2.0 (www.scicafe2-0.eu).

The goals of the project are:
  • Promote deeper engagement on social issues: scientific citizenship
  • Provide portable virtual platform & observatory support for crowd-sourcing
  • Promote local and global scale knowledge sharing and co-evolution of ideas
  • Facilitate participative management to enable inclusive, e-democratic and co-creative consensus solution seeking
  • Conduct methodologically-guided experiments to evaluate various approaches for engaging the citizens in the democratic consultative process
  • Establish a framework of normative forms and associated models, metrics and KPIs to inform best practice and assess the efficacy of social engagement
  • Support collectively informed reflective practice at all levels of problem solving

In order to fulfil these goals, we developed a web-based platform http://scicafe2-0.european-observatory-for-crowdsourcing.eu, that can be accessed also from the official site, that allows small organisations to keep together "streams" of activities composed by videos, photos, documents and hangouts, all commented by threaded chats.

This site will present the practical usage of the platform and a series of examples, especially for what concerns embedding the instruments into google sites (like this).