Open science and innovation: of the people, by the people, for the people

posted 9 Nov 2015, 22:26 by Franco Bagnoli   [ updated 9 Nov 2015, 22:50 ]
by Franco Bagnoli

The 30th of Setember, the Whitehouse (USA) launched a forum titled

Open science and innovation: of the people, by the people, for the people
The forum was intended to tell the various experiences in the field of cooperation between citizens and scientists in various research projects and to present the American platform "Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing Toolkit" developed thanks to the action plan of the Obama administration.
The program included, after a brief introduction, some sections with intervention spot (about 5 minutes) divided into macro areas (oceans/water, agriculture, democracy etc.) with a chance to ask a few questions.
Quiting a few examples among the many projects presented.
The first "SciStarter" is a platform that brings together all projects OPENSCIENCE to which you can participate, divided by subject areas or over time (Giono, night, office, car ect). (
The second, which received many positive comments on Twitter is "Smartfinn": a fin for surfing that monitors and collects data on the oceans chemical ( ).
Finally, "CoCorahs", A collaborative community for monitoring rain, hail and snow, based on volunteers that measure and report data on precipitation (
A few sentences that have been appreciated and retweetted:
"Citizen science makes the impossible possible," Alex Dehgan.
A scientist observes reports carefully and honestly. "Sylvia Earle
Alex Degan kicks off the panel on oceans & coasts: "We can not solve the problems of our planet with traditional science alone.