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“Cafferenze” with streaming and chat

We noticed that Science-Cafès on specialized topics, still attracting public, have difficulties in starting the discussion since the attendees have little previous knowledge on the topic.
We therefore decided to adapt the caffescienza formula in order to allow a longer introduction (and thus only one speaker), allowing the questions after the explanation. We call this modality “cafferenza” (a mix between “caffè-scienza” and “conferenza”.
We extend our public thanks to the use of the platform to stream and to allow chat.

Community involved

Florence Citizens and on line citizen


“Biblioteca Delle Oblate”


Cafferenza+streming and chat
The ingredients for a “Cafferenza “are:
  • a scientific or technological topic
  • one expert
  • one facilitator
  • the public
  • a web-moderator

Technical instrumentation

  • A personal computer
  • Internet connection
  • A webcam
  • A mixer
  • Two microphones (one for the experts, one for the questions of the public)