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“Science Cafè at the exhibition” whit streaming and chat

The events are part of the exhibition. They are organized to develop the themes of the exhibition. the methodology of the science-cafè allows interaction between the public and the experts.
We experienced this methodology in collaboration with the Museo Galileo, the Higher School Sant'Anna, Galileo Museum and University of Siena, during the exhibition “NEXUS”. The exhibition shows contemporary robotics research and its extraordinary results and presents important historical documents, showing the parallel paths of science and imagination, from the myths of antiquity up to science fiction of today.

Community involved

Florentine Community and on line citizens


The venue of the exhibition


Classical exhibition + classical Science café

Technical instrumentation

  • Technical set-up at the venue (streaming provided by the Regione Toscana portal, with the sscicafe2.0 platform added)
  • Portable computer (for interactions though the platform)