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The scenario name is a contraction of two words "cinema" and "science".
The event is based on scientific / technological subjects covered in some films, like space travel, climate change, encryption and mysterious messages, viruses. The evening is made by watching some clips, interspersed by the comments of the experts and the audience questions..
We made our first experiment on 23th March, 2016, in a institutional venue devoted to young people, “Officina Giovani” in Prato.
In this methodology there are some pre-step to be follow:
  1. choose two / three movies on a specific topic
  2. find two experts
  3. the moderator and the experts have to decide which clips show (the total length should not exceed 20/30 minutes to leave time for debate)

Community involved

Prato Citizens


“Officina Giovani” in Prato


Clips from movies + Science-Café.

Technical instrumentation

  • A personal computer
  • a projector
  • an audio system connected to the PC
  • two  microphones