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Prato Science-Cafés with streaming and chat

In the last three years the activity in Florence is flanked with the activities of the association in Prato, a neighbouring town.
Economic textile production (mainly wood) has always played a leading role in Prato since the Middle Ages, but in the nineteenth century Prato had a strong industrial development, so to be called "the Manchester of Tuscany". In recent times, however, the change of habits (cotton with respect to wood) and the international competition brought many enterprises to bankrupt, so Prato is nowadays also facing unemployment and change of objectives, while also facing a strong immigration from China.
Behind this predominant aspect (Prato is still one of Europe's textile capital), the city boasts historical and artistic attractions of great importance with a cultural itinerary that comes from the Middle Ages Vanguard.
The Prato science cafés mirror sometimes that of Florence, but recently the local committee choose original themes and launched new formulas (e.g. Cinescienza), and others being tested after the end of the SciCafe2.0 project (like the science cafes at the Tissue Museum).

Community involved

Prato Citizens, on line citizens


We organize our Science-Cafés in the headquarters of the province of Prato


Classical Science-Café + streaming and chat

Technical instrumentation

  • A personal computer
  • Internet line
  • A webcam
  • Sound from the webcam microphone due to the impossibility of connecting to the hall mixer