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Radio science cafe

In recent years in Florence a radio transmission (RadioMoka) was produced [], about science, technology and participation.
Our radio broadcast, RadioMoka, was born in October 2010 and it is aired on the local Radio Station NovaRadio [X]. The name comes from the fusion of two worlds: Radio and Moka. The choice of the first world is quite clear, while the second part of the name plays on the double meaning that the world Moka has in Italian. Indeed, it can denote both a particular type of Coffee and the traditional coffee machine realized by A. Bialetti in 1930 [X]. With the name RadioMoka in mind, we wanted to join the idea of making a radio broadcast with the Caffè-Scienza experience in our minds, or equivalently, we would like to produce a radio broadcast in the spirit of the Caffè-Scienza experience. This refers to the realization of a program in which science and technology are the most important topics, but in which they are treated in a light way, as close as possible to a discussion between friends. Concerning the format, episodes are compound of three different moments, divided by a musical break; a second musical break introduces the final section. The main part of the first section is an interview with an expert. The second section, alternatively, is devoted to a particular topic that can vary from episode to episode. The third part is devoted to another interview , very often with the experts of the local science café events.

Community involved



Franco’s office


Radio broadcast

Technical instrumentation

  • A personal computer
  • Internet connection
  • A  Microphone