The Tool

The Scicafè 2.0 Tool is a web platform that is available by personal computer, tablet and Smartphone. For the use of the platform it is recommended the access by means of Google Chrome or by Mozilla Firefox. For the complete use of services shared in the platform and in particular for using Hangout it is suggested to open:
  • a Gmail account,
  • A Google+ profile.
For including the use of Facebook and LinkedIn it is necessary to have an account for these Social Networks.
Note that can be necessary to activate the popup of the browser for the url of the Scicafè 2.0 platform, i.e.:

The Tool we developed is a database that allows to gather and classify activities (based on documents, photos, videos, information from social networks) in a consistent way, and embed them in other pages. Items can be discussed using a threaded chat system.

The Tools is aimed at small organizations that want to use the services and keep the items together, but may want also to show them from inside their own site. Therefore, any single tools can be "detached", and an embedding snippet of html is shown and can be included in "simple" sites.

However, many people make use of the free google site service, which is rather "hostile" at embedding other services. We shall therefore show here how this can be achieved.