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The Delphi method is implemented as a google hangout coupled to a google forms. Both can be started from the platform and then refined using the Google tools.

We suggest programming an hangout and then add a delphi (shown below). We also suggest preparing a web page with a table to embed both the discussion and the form side by side.

Steps to be followed:

Step 1.
Go to the platform and start a delphi

Step 2.
You shall see that two delphi (named I and II) appeared. You should always refer to that named II
Step 3.
You can then insert multiple choices or open questions.
Step 4.
When you finish, click on "End Creation". If you go to google Drive you shall see the forms and the response sheet
Step 5.
You can further customize your form from google

Step 6.
Now, it is time to prepare a web page where both the streaming and the survey can be hosted. Using google site, you can use a table to arrange the setup.

Step 7.
You can include the programmed chat in the left cell. I suggest not includid title and border, and to set the width to 100%

Step 8.
In the right frame you can include the "form" gadget, choosing the one you just created.

Step 9.
Do not include title nor border, and set also this width to 100%

Step 10.
You now have to edit the html, setting the width of the table to 100%, and that of the left cell to at least 60% (you may have to find the right width in order to have it compact)

Step 11.
The final look should be this (my first delphi):