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Embedding your first hangout

Suppose that you are organizing an event (for instance a science cafe) and you want to let distant people attend at it and participate using a chat. For a simple arrangement, you just need a computer with internet connection and the platform. We assume that you already have a web site for your organization, otherwise you can simply use google sites ( We shall present here the case for google sites. In any case you need to have a google account (

We want to obtain something like this: my first hangout

Steps to be followed:

Step 1.
Register yourself on the platform

Step 2.
Go to personal activities

Step 3.
Add new activity

Step 4.
Insert a title and a description for your activity

Step 5.
Open the activity and add an hangout

Step 6.
Start the Google hangout (you need to be logged in google)

Step 7.
This will start a google hangout "on air" (i.e., public)

Step 8. 
You may need to give some authorizations

Step 9.
And finally you have an hangout. This is not yet streamed publicly.

Step 10.
You can also add other people clicking on the "people" icon

Step 11.
Since it is public, it is visible on youtube. To retrieve this link, click on the lower left

Step 12.
Here is the youtube view. Clearly, it simply says that the streaming will soon begin.

Step 13.
In the meanwhile, the hangout will appear in the platform. You can "detach" it clicking on this link...

Step 14.
and you need to copy the web address

Step 15
At this point, you may go to your google web page, end edit it. Click on "Insert"

Step 16.
And then on "more gadgets"

Step 17.
Choose "iframe"

Step 18.
And paste the address. You may also choose "100%" for the width.

Step 19.
You can now save the page. You do not see the hangout, because the page is using the "https" protocol

Step 20
You have to change the address using that seen by visitors (better if you keep the two pages open). See my first hangout is the page.

 Step 21.
Done. You can now start the hangout (from the hangout window).

 Step 22.
And people can comment using the chat (see "using the chat").

Clearly, all this stuff is better done in advance. See "programming an hangout".