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Embedding the chat

With the above steps you can embed the chat of your event, created in the platform, in your site.

Step 1.
Open the activity in the platform and click on "show chat"

Step 2.
The system show the chat: every logged user can write on the empty field or replay to another user using "replay".
it is possible to insert three response levels, shown by different background colours

Step 3.
Click on the button to visualize the codex to embed the chat:

Step 4.
Copy the highlighted code:

Step 5.
At this point, you may go to your google web page, end edit it. Click on "Insert"


Step 6.
And then on "more gadgets"

 Step 7
Choose "iframe"

 Step 8
And paste the address. You may also choose "100%" for the width.

Step 9.
You can now save the page. You do not see the hangout, because the page is using the "https" protocol

Step 10.
Your visitors , after log in, can add comments and questions